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There's no denying it: humans love stories. In fact, in some fundamental sense, we need stories. Cognitive science has long understood how the brain takes information and organizes it in a framework to give us comfort and security. Stories connect to our emotions and make lessons more relatable. Weaving a tale of an experience or creating a compelling image of the future offers the human brain a way to engage easily with complex information.  So, it should be no surprise that the greatest leaders know how to paint a picture with words.  It allows them to convey power, to influence and inspire listeners.


In today’s competitive marketplace, leaders are the chief culture builders. Those leaders that connect employees, customers and suppliers to a shared sense of purpose will accelerate performance and instill the kind of loyalty that disrupts markets.


We coach leaders, train teams and effect culture shifts. 


We coach executives on how to become more authentic and approachable leaders through effective storytelling.  Our process involves deep audience analysis, definition of shared values and goals, and creation and delivery of stories that motivate and establish trust.

Turnaround Strategy

Culture trumps strategy.  Our teams have worked extensively with companies to drive change through shifts in approaches, communications, values and purpose.  These shifts have generated enormous gains throughout companies and in their market impact.

Seminars & Workshops

In interactive sessions will help decode the mysteries of storytelling and introduce the steps to building messages with a lasting impact.


Upon completion, participants will be able to:


  • Understand the brain science of effective storytelling

  • Recognize basic story structure 

  • Use stories as motivators in business

  • Become effective leaders through storytelling

  • Communicate to people with different social styles

  • Craft different stories with different purposes for different audiences

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