Performance Improvement

We work with companies confronting existing and potential disruptions to specific business lines by:

  • Examining relevant metrics, identifying problem areas, and setting goals

  • Collecting and assessing available qualitative and quantitative data

  • Interviewing internal and external stakeholders, analysts and investors, suppliers, customers and competitors

  • Using data to design, recommend, and communicate appropriate strategies

  • Providing immediate and ongoing coaching and mentoring

Marketing Strategy

We use a tested process, working closely with leadership, to help companies confronting existing and potential disruptions to their brand by:

  • Determining the number and size of competitive threats

  • Identifying the potential impact of threats on business models and those  of other companies in an industry

  • Assessing a company’s competitive advantages, value proposition and strategic direction

  • Understanding customer demand and market shifts

  • Devising concrete plans to maintain and enhance a company’s brand value


Culture, Values & People

For the first time in history companies employ four generations of workers.  We help clients unleash the richness of talent, experience and competency to create agile, high performing teams by:

  • Understanding how culture impedes or energizes the entire workforce to embrace the customer objectives      

  • Helping leaders define and sponsor an inclusive, transformative culture and making sure that it is communicated effectively

  • Increasing transparency, empowerment, accountability, shared decision-making and agility for all team members

  • Creating workplaces that leverage the values, style, experience, knowledge, passion and loyalty of all generations to unleash the greatest potential for high performance

  • Attracting, retaining and rewarding team members across all generations and training teams to adapt to change

Strategic Communication 

Our clients are seeking new ways to engage employees and customers, persuade stakeholders, drive new sales, and increase customer satisfaction. We help leaders enhance their communication ability through a proven process of understanding audiences and telling compelling stories.  In addition, through our subsidiary Critical Path Strategies, we help sales professionals address the strategic, organizational, and relationship issues that affect selling performance.

  • Helping leaders define goals and strong messages that resonate with specific stakeholders and audiences 

  • Crafting and delivering memorable stories to enhance persuasive messages

  • Aligning sales training and consulting with strategic business initiatives in order to improve productivity, performance, profitability, and results for customers

  • Using analytical tools to provide a disciplined, how-to sales process that encourages internal collaboration on sales opportunities and generates customer-focused sales strategies

  • Training younger workers to communicate more effectively through our subsidiary Advice From Someone Else's Dad.


Strategic Advisors

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