Brenda Bazan

managing partner

Brenda Bazan specializes in brand and marketing strategy, digital marketing, and sales and channel strategy.  She also engages in one-on-one coaching of marketing, sales and channel executives in tech, industrial, manufacturing and consumer goods.  She has spent a significant amount of her career mentoring female executives and founders and seeks opportunities to advance women in all industries through strong skills development and proven execution.

What she does:

  • Coaches global C-suite marketing executives and teams to identify strategic opportunities to protect, grow and expand their brand influence in the market

  • Helps teams align their marketing and sales programs to customer buying experience in order to develop stronger customer loyalty

  • Works with global teams to create and execute content marketing programs, particularly with influencer and storytelling execution elements to engage audiences and win new market segments

  • Examines current channel and sales programs and identifies opportunities to more tightly align channel effectiveness to market requirements

  • Helps teams identify partner and alliance opportunities in target or overlapping segments in order to grow brand influence and strengthen product plans



Typical example:  Stepped into a struggling tech startup as an advisor and later as the interim CEO.  Identified misalignment of product plan to competitive positioning and market requirements.  Invested in a dormant alliance that allowed the company to pivot from a capital intensive hardware play to a stronger software/hardware alliance.  Attracted three rounds of investment and positioned company for 10X sales in the next 12 months.



Brenda spent 25 years at IBM in jobs focused on transforming the traditional sales and marketing model.  After leaving IBM, she founded three companies that targeted helping founders start and grow their businesses.  She is passionate about the startup world as well as transforming traditional companies into to high-performing digital businesses.


She is a graduate of Princeton University.

Shaunna Black

managing partner


Shaunna Black specializes in technology and global operations, business turnaround and growth strategies. She has managed operations internationally in 25 countries.   Her methodology delivers extraordinary performance utilizing the power of diverse, intergenerational teams and metrics-driven systems.  She has expertise in leadership and team development, technical and systems design, and production methodology in the technology, industrial, manufacturing and hospitality sectors. 


What she does:

  • Coaches global C-suite executives and teams to solve complicated execution challenges in the areas of quality, cycle time, on time delivery, cost of goods sold, customer satisfaction and team performance. 

  • Helps teams align their business strategy, execution methodologies and team culture to support business growth and demand. 

  • Works with leadership to assess the root cause of the problem utilizing both qualitative and quantitative data (internal and external)

  • Interviews key stakeholders

  • Helps team members utilize data to design and recommend appropriate strategies to close gaps

  • Provides coaching and mentoring to leadership and teams while implementing solutions

Typical example:  Industrial company was experiencing quality, cost and reliability challenges resulting in site disruptions negatively impacting their growth and product delivery.   Eliminated system disruptions, improved output 20%, reduced costs by 15%, increased customer satisfaction 30%, and improved team morale 50%.



Shaunna led global operations and manufacturing at Texas Instruments, Dongbu HiTek Korea, and Oryon Technology.  She has expertise in business strategy, greenfield construction and startup, operations and maintenance, manufacturing and technology ramp and transfer.  


She serves on the Board of Directors for Design Connect Create, a STEM non-profit, the Portfolio Advisory Board for Entegra Technologies, Executive Advisory Board for the UT-Austin Cockrell School of Engineering, Advisory Board for the Alliance of Technology and Women, and  Advisory Board for the Institute of Excellence in Corporate Governance.   Formerly she was a Board of Director for YWIRE Technologies, Entegra Technologies, High Tech High Heels, a STEM initiative,  the Dallas Women’s Foundation and the Texas Instruments’ Foundation.   She is passionate about unleashing the potential of leadership and teams to deliver the results they want. 


In her career Ms. Black has received many recognitions, including the Alliance of Technology and Women's Lifetime Achievement Award, Pink's Top 15 Women in Business, Women in Technology Hall of Fame, Maura Women Helping Women, Tech Titans Community Hero Award, Frank Bromilow Distinguished Lecturer and Circle of Honor. 

Shaunna holds Bachelor of Science degrees in Mechanical Engineering from New Mexico State University and in Education from the University of Texas in Austin.

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